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It's a free for all.


1. Do not be an asshole. Persons who violate this rule will be kicked the fuck out. People are here to share their music with you out of the goodness of their e-hearts. Be considerate.

2. Follow the format for posting or your post will be deleted. Sorry.

3. Do not post anything that is not related to music here. Posting quizes, memes, shit that should go in your personal journal, etc is an excellent way to get banned.

Mods reserve the right to change the rules at our lesiure, convience or for our general amusement.


The format that posts must be in is fairly simple. If you really want to, you can just copy and paste from here!

<a href="http//www.whateverwebsiteyouhostedfromlink.com">Artist - Song Title</a>
<b>Album</b>: Album Title
<b>Year</b>: Year
Short description of the song or why you chose to upload this song.

Here is a list of sites where you can upload songs:
www.yousendit.com [recommended]
OR you may personally host songs.

Mp3s linked on this journal are purely for demonstrational use only and if you choose to download them, they should be deleted off your computer after 24 hours per the RIAAs demands.
But I'm not your mommy.


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